[AMRadio] AM boatanchors galore! "Every Single Minute"

David McClafferty ve1adh at yahoo.ca
Sun Mar 4 16:50:19 EST 2007

There are instructions on how to download it on the right side of the google page.

73 Dave, VE1ADH

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Subject: [AMRadio] AM boatanchors galore! "Every Single Minute"

AM boatanchors galore! 

"Every Single Minute"

Cross-posted from another list...


>From Bob,  W9RAN:

Wow, I had no idea this film existed - but if you've got 22 minutes and 
broadband - it's the neatest collection of late 50's era ham radio 
operation I've ever seen:


You have to endure the interview for the first 5 minutes or so - then it 
gets into a 1959 publicity film for the Phil Mont Mobile Radio Club of 
Philadelphia which shows actual hams running their home and mobile 10 
meter rigs  - Johnsons, Gonsets, Hallicrafters - the works.  Actual 
footage, not just interviews!  Very cool and I just wish there were a 
way to download it off Google - anyone know?

Kudos to Rick W9WS who posted this to another list today.

73,  Bob W9RAN

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