[AMRadio] AM boatanchors galore! "Every Single Minute"

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Mon Mar 5 07:58:30 EST 2007

> Tom Chesek wrote:
> > Everyone says "can and should" but try it yourself. Not all audio or video
> > files playable on the internet can be saved
> >   
> Not even all Google videos, depending on copyright ownership - but this 
> one can.   Go to http://video.google.com/playerdownload and download 
> their player, then re-load the video.  It will be saved locally (default 
> location is \My Documents\My Videos\Google Videos) for later playback  
> There's also a nifty "thumbnail" feature that helps locate sections of 
> interest.

There is also a handy ADD-ON that I found for the 
FIREFOX browser that willl let you grab video content from 
web sites.


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