[AMRadio] Meter Sticking SB-220

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Mon Mar 5 22:48:43 EST 2007


Try removing the meter and carefully take the face off. 
Look between the coil and surrounding core for bits of metal 
or debris that should not be there.

If there is anything, you should be very careful here, 
remove the debris and reassemble the meter.  Do not use 
compressed air or anything that will cause the meter to peg 
hard, for it could bend the needle.  If it is metal, you 
will have a tough time getting it out since the magnet will 
hold it in place.

Good luck.

If that doesn't work, there are meter shops that will 
perform the service for you.  Maybe near where you live.  If 
you don't feel confident to do this, then check with any big 
airport for avionics repair shops then ask them about meter 
repair shops.  Many shops that repair Simpson 260 can do 
this easily.  If you are steady enough, study the meter 
movement and disassemble it for cleaning then reassemble. 
This requires the patience and steady hand of a watch maker 
which is another place that might be able to help.

73  Jim

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Subject: [AMRadio] Meter Sticking SB-220

>I have the multimeter on my amp(sb-220)that sticks above 
>zero.  I tried
> adjusting the zero on the face but could not get it to 
> zero.  I remember
> reading some time back several emails on this topic.  Can 
> anyone suggest
> a fix other than replacing - these meters are very hard to 
> locate.
> Thanks for any help
> Greg W5RY
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