[AMRadio] Big Vertical on 75

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Tue Mar 6 19:58:08 EST 2007

So how does it work Don?

Should be good for long distance, my butternut
vertical seems to receive very well on 40 as
its almost full length, stations far away come in
as strong or stronger then on the dipoles, with much
less noise.
I have almost no ground system so I don't transmit 
on it much.

I was watching it on 80 meters the other night, when the dipole
went into a fade, the vertical signal came up.
If I could only do diversity!

What happens when you hook two antennas up to one receiver?



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> After 25 years, I finally tuned the 127' vertical to 75!  
> Ever since I first 
> put it on the air in 1982, I have used it only on 160, as a 
> quarter wave. 
> Up in the AM Ghetto, the half-wave high dipole seemed to be 
> all I needed, 
> since DX wasn't really much of a possibility.  I never had 
> any problem 
> working into Europe with the dipole on CW.
> With the expanded phone band and the possibility of working 
> DX on AM, I 
> decided to see if I could make the vertical work on 75.  I 
> threw together a 
> simple parallel tuned matching network with a 400 pf bread 
> slicer and an EF 
> Johnson edgewound coil I found in the junkbox.  To my 
> surprise and  delight, 
> I was able to get the SWR down to 1:1 on the third try, of 
> moving the point 
> where the feedline taps on to the coil.  When I ran the 
> transmitter up to 
> full power on AM, nothing arced over on voice peaks.
> My first 75m contact with the vertical was today at 
> mid-afternoon, with 
> Howard, W3HM.  Can't wait till  tonight to see what kind of 
> signal reports I 
> get at various locations over the country.
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