[AMRadio] RE: new gear (Brett gazdzinski)

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Wed Mar 7 14:47:46 EST 2007

The spectrum display is nice, that and the 2 antenna outputs
are why I chose the 756 pro, I used to have an icom 735, nice 
really small rig that made a useable exciter.
The power output is stable on the 756, which is not so for 
many of the cheaper rigs like the icom 735 to TS440,
they changed power as they warm up from use on TX.

If you want to operate cw or ssb, they are good I guess,
a kwm2a would be more fun for ssb maybe, on cw they have problems.

The 32V3 drifts around a little from cold, and band hopping
between different transmitters to drive is a bit of a chore,
it makes a much better standalone low power/backup rig.

For all the fancy development, all these modern rigs are still
ssb rigs with AM tacked on (if you was to ask me, and you didn't).
On AM, noise, distortion, and poor fidelity are the rule, on
both rx and tx.
Its truly a sad state of affairs when a tube homebrew receiver sounds
and works MUCH better then a $3000.00 plus radio with dsp.

I cant think of anything that would be less fun for me then operating
one of these plastic boxes into an amp.
I cant figure out what the ssb guys get out of paying such money
for a station and getting worse communications then a cheap cell phone.
For the price of the station, you could get unlimited minutes for
20 years or so....



> Brett,
> You are making perhaps the best use of the 756Pro when
> it comes to AM.
> I was thinking of someday getting one of these itty
> bitty mobile HF rigs to use as an exciter for my
> homebrew rig. Scaleable power, nice stability and
> readout, etc. I would never hook a mic nor speaker up
> to it.
> Also I would laugh that my "application" would be a
> delightful nose-thumb combination to refute their
> intended marketing, advertising and gewgaw design
> points.
> It won't be long before they're on the market, used
> and cheap.
> Paul/VJB
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