[AMRadio] Big Vertical on 75

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Wed Mar 7 19:39:11 EST 2007

I do have it set up so I can change between any 
of 4 antenna's, I have 3 right now plus the dummy load.

The butternut vert seems to work better on receive under some
conditions and with signals out past 300 miles or more?

Most 40 meter sw broadcast comes in better on the vertical,
as does chu in Canada.

Very rarely a signal on 80 comes in better on the butternut,
maybe because its only 30 some feet tall.
But once and a while someone on 80 is stronger on the butternut.


> Brett,
> I couldn't tell much difference between the vertical and the 
> dipole.  Both 
> gave about the same results on receive, compared to the 
> beverage.  With both 
> antennas, the beverage was far superior receiving signals 
> from Europe.  I 
> listened the the German DRM noise on 3990-4000, the French AM 
> group on 3550 
> and several German and British SSB stations between 3600 and 3700.
> If you don't have diversity set up, the next best thing would 
> be an antenna 
> selector switch where you could rapidly switch between the 
> antennas.  I find 
> when using the beverage and dipole, or beverage and vertical, 
> that very 
> often when one antenna goes into a fade, the other brings in 
> the stronger 
> signal.
> Due to cancellations and reinforcements as the phase of the 
> received signal 
> varies on each antenna, I don't think simply combining both 
> antennas to 
> feed one receiver would be any better than one antenna.  You 
> might have 
> permanent nulls that make receiving  from certain directions 
> impossible, 
> while peaking in other directions.
> In the transmit mode, I got about the same kinds of signal  reports I 
> usually do, but without the capability of making A-B comparisons, any 
> observation would be meaningless.  I did get a few SWL 
> reports from nearby 
> locations that the vertical put in a very poor signal to the 
> 150-250 mile 
> range, something I fully expected.
> Don, k4kyv
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