[AMRadio] new antenna (again).

Bill Smith hbco2 at sbcglobal.net
Sat Mar 10 00:25:39 EST 2007

Hi Brad,

It sounds like you had the ideal antenna to begin with.  There is nothing
wrong if the antenna is a bit "long."  Short antennas' radiation reisistance
takes a nose dive.

I've used a similar antenna for years and have enjoyed great performance.

73 de Bill, ab6mt
hbco2 at sbcglobal.net

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> I took down the alpha delta dx-dd and the homebrew G5RV, and put
> up an 80 and 40 meter dipole fed with the same coax.
> Keeping them from twisting up was a chore, what with them getting
> snagged in the smaller trees on the way up.
> Anyway, I got it up and put the 756 pro into it, and tuned
> across 80 and 40 meters, resonance was at 3750 and 7176, about
> 1.2 to 1 swr, and broad banded...
> So I cut a foot off each end of each dipole, and got
> 3887 and 7500!
> Quite a jump from 7176  to 7500!
> Tomorrow I will lower it and solder on some pig tails to
> the 40 meter section that I can trim without redoing the
> entire antenna.
> Seems to work well, on receive anyway, and I will like
> changing bands without changing antenna's or using a tuner.
> The 80 meter section goes through the trees and bends down
> a little, but I used insulated wire.
> Brett
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