[AMRadio] National PW Dial

david knepper collinsradio at adelphia.net
Mon Mar 12 13:03:34 EST 2007

I have brand new PW dials if anyone is interested.

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>    >Does anyone have any information on getting a PW dial { 0 to 500 
> units) to directly correspond to 0 - 500 Khz. in a VFO circuit? I have the 
> National
> >"PW Condensor", a PW dial with a 155 pF. air variable. Thanks, Byron
>>It might be possible, by carefully pruning the coil, and adjusting the end 
>>plates of the capacitor by bending them in and out.  It would depend on 
>>the fixed >capacitors used in the tuned circuit.
> Good luck.
> It would probably be more trouble than it's worth, since the capacitor 
> will need to be somewhere intermediate between straight-line frequency and 
> straight-line capacitance, and which would be designed to work over a 
> specific, limited range of maximum to  minimum frequencies.
> Probably better to just do like National did with the HRO and NC-101 
> series: make up a tuning chart.
> Don k4kyv
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