[AMRadio] National PW Dial

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I may do this again Wayne as this has sparked and interest for me.  A
project of this type makes one appreciate the workmanship and engineering
that goes into some of the old radios that tracked so well.  Frequency
counters are wonderful pieces of equipment but when you throw the switch on
a 100KC calibrator and pull the VFO/PTO dial zero beat just as the dial mark
passes zero, it really makes you feel good.


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I found that the variables in the  command set series of transmitters are
very close to straight line frequency.  Some years ago I built a variable
osc. using one of those caps and a mechcanical digital  counter and was in
within  less than .5 khz over a 200khz band (160m). I of course had to do
some trial and error plate bending.
Over a 25 khz portion of the band and a small variable osc padder I could be
"spot on".

wayne , N0TE

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