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Donald Sanders w4bws at comcast.net
Tue Mar 13 23:15:39 EST 2007

Right on! I use my TS 670 on 40, 15, 10 and 6 ssb,cw,fm and AM at 5 to 10
watts output. I have worked from near Atlanta to Arizona and New Mexico on
40 AM at mid day. I work 200 to 400 miles on 40 daily with 54 to 58
reports.Close ion I get S9 to 10 over depending on propagation. I believe
the magic number is about 15 watts input as the minimum for consistent
results.Yes I know 10 watts AM is max qrp. But then I worked 150 miles with
my BC611 on 3885 one night--alright it was hooked to the Carolina windom.

Healthfully yours,
                          Don W4BWS
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> Hello Steve: Thanks for your comments re low power AM. Yes, I have heard
> the folks in India make do with what they can and there is no reason why
> I am convinced that low power "regional AM" could be fun, less expensive
> less likely to cause anyone a problem.
> I fondly remember operating 5-10 Watts on 160, 75 and 10 meters with a
> mass of heterodynes everywhere that I used to call QRM but now I
> realize that it was
> just fellow hams working each other. Hope to work you sometime.
> Vy 73, Charlie,  K0NG
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