[AMRadio] New Guy to AM

Jim Candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Thu Mar 22 20:23:21 EST 2007


 Welcome to the group! I hope this group provides you with knowledge and
camaraderie from a bunch of fine folks who have a passion for AM.

So where do you live? Do you work 75 meters? 

I don't have any experience with the 815, but I have heard that this is one
of those tubes that suffers from imperfect vacuum seals, and many NOS 815's
are bad now even though unused. Maybe some others can chime in on that

You can make a mighty fine AM rig out of three 807's, (1 RF final, and two
P-P modulators) and when conservatory run will provide 15-30 watts of high
quality AM. For more power something like a Heathkit SB-220 can transform
this kind of rig to full legal AM power when the peaks extend up to ~ 1500
watts PEP with a resting carrier level at around 350 watts.

Since you identify with the guitar amp circuit, this rig combo is like a
Fender Champ acoustically coupled to a big solid state PA amplifier.


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