[AMRadio] New Guy to AM

Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Thu Mar 22 21:34:34 EST 2007

Hi Bow as with the rest of the group Welcome to the crazy world of
AM...Would love to yak with you about Tube 
Amps for Audio. I am in the audio buz and love it. Also Belton Ham Fest
is coming up really soon. All of us Amers get
Together there.you will see us all mostly wearing the NOS Red T Shirts
or the Tung Sol Navy T Shirts. We normally all go out to dinner
For ribs at the OXBOW restaurant. Belton is twice a year and there you
will find lots of AM Gear for sale. Look for a bunch of us on 3.890
every AM. Big AM swap net Saturday at 0800. Normally 20 or better guys. 

The 1st Wednesday of the month at 1930 on 3.880 you will find the
Collins AM Net but all welcome. You will hear a bunch of Houston guys
on.. Jimmy K5SOH and K5SEE are on a lot... Looking for you on AM...

Very Best 73's
Bob W1PE
The Voice of Mesquite

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Hi Bow:

Welcome to the list.  You will find a large group here that 
will provide you with support and assistance as time goes by 
with your needs, be it parts or just advice.

Your location is perfect to attend the gathering at Belton 
which is about 3 weeks away.  It is a great place for parts 
including transformers, chokes, tubes and things needed to 
home brew a transmitter.  It is also a great place for you 
to find some sort of amplifier should you choose to do that.

There is always a large gathering of folks who prefer AM to 
other modes, which will welcome you into their midst.  Try 
to make that one if possible.  They will be identified by 
the banner of QCWA Chapter 207.

In the meantime, put anything you have on the air. 
Propagation is good right now, except for the static 
generated by thunderstorms.  Next fall and winter will be 
great.  Tune around 3.880, 3.900 to find people in your 
area.  There are several.

Hope to work you soon.

73   Jim

> Hello all,
> I'm a new guy to the AM Radio list, my Name is Scott, my
> friends call me Bow
> (like bow and arrow).
> I am located on the northwest side Houston, TX and I like 
> to homebrew.

> I hope to catch you on the bands.
> Bow

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