[AMRadio] eBay prices / trends

John Lawson jpl15 at panix.com
Fri Mar 23 11:04:14 EST 2007

   You guys who love to grunt about eBay driving the prices of Boatanchor Gear 
might want to re-read Tim Shoppa's last two posts...  I think we're getting 
into our own version of the Global Warming Debate...   HIHI!

   There exist a number of eBay-specific research tools and applications. Most 
of them require subscriptions or fees. Can't say I blame 'em there.

   I subscribe to a service called Hammertap - www.hammertap.com .  It provides 
long-term, in-depth archiving and analysis of eBay data - and when you consider 
the sheer volume of that data on a daily basis - the $20 a month it costs is a 
pretty good deal for me, at any rate. (Of course if you are an occasional user 
of eBay this is pretty steep - but if you sell frequently, or sell high-dollar 
items - these types of services may very well be worth thier cost).

   The ability to statistically research prices and price history on Damn Near 
Everything makes setting my own prices and minimum bids a matter of science 
instead of guessing... currently it's doing much better than just 'paying for 
itself' - so I'm happy with this particular solution.

   There are several others out there - Google for "Ebay research" and you'll 
find 'em.



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