[AMRadio] Mfg date for 4-400 series

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sat Mar 24 13:34:37 EST 2007

Thanks Barrie, that's just the info I was looking for.


Not too far into the transmitting volume I find the 4-65, which has 5 pages.
(Built a push-pull pair of these for 6M in the middle 1950s)

Next is the 4-125A, with 3 pages.

Next is the 4-250A, with 3 pages.

Next is the 4-400A, with one page.

Then comes the 4X500A, followed by the 4-1000A, which has three pages.

I have five volumes of the HB-3.  I have this particular book out at the
moment because I've been helping a local ham with a 160M 813 project.

73, Barrie, W7ALW

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