[AMRadio] VJB Paul Reception Report

DOXEMF at aol.com DOXEMF at aol.com
Sun Mar 25 11:43:56 EST 2007

Interesting propagation last night (Sat).
 Paul VJB came into a Northeast roundtable on 75 around 10:00
with a good +++ signal.
 Good to hear you Paul !! 
 But conditions rrapidly changed with at least 3 QSO's going within 1kc or so including the SSB that was underneath originally.
 About 10:30-11:00 or so the band abruptly went almost completely dead with a measurable 10db drop in all received signals.
 Then it suddenly went long but not in the usual west/midwest
direction but south /sw with Punta Gorda and Lauderdale FL 
and other states in the south east of the Mississippi coming in strong. Also strong ssb in Spanish/Mex was present.
 Locals here in a 300 mile radius were barely heard.

Don't think that I have ever seen Florida stations that strong here and with a better antenna they would have been good Q5 copy.

 Think we are seeing signs of the global warming issue appear on H.F. propagation.
 Or maybe spring is finally coming.

KB3DKS/1 receiving only........for now

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