[AMRadio] New to amradio, newbe introduction

Janice Ward randyjan at citlink.net
Sun Mar 25 14:04:01 EST 2007

Howdy amradio group,
Just a few lines to introduce myself, I have waited a long time to be a AM'er, my name is Randy KE7BMU,soon to be K7JRW, Have been fascinated with am radio for years,I was lucky enough to be able to obtain Bill Feldmanns,N6PY,SK,Collins 32v3.It's a fine transmitter,Thru 
Wayne W6IRD,and Brian NI6Q.So in the next couple of weeks I'll have this 32v3 on the air.I do have several question about this transmitter,
does any AM'ers know some history about this transmitter?? There is no ID tag or badge plate on the rear of the transmitter.It really doesn't bother me but would be nice to know the serial number,Any help would be appreciated,also any other AM'ers in the Colorado river,(western Arizona) areas?? Kinda by myself out here in the desert.The 32v3 is setting next to my 75A1 that I found at a garage sale,sitting on the floor with 25 years of dust and grime on it,Its been completely restored and is beautiful(that's another story)That 75A1 started my quest for more Collins Gear(and that's another story with the war department)
You'll here me on the air,soon,and if I need correcting please do,I learn that way,I'm not thin skinned!!! I'm sure you'll get some Laughs out of this act coming up.Thanks all AM'ers Randy KE7BMU soon K7JRW 

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