[AMRadio] New to amradio, newbe introduction

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Mar 25 16:33:37 EST 2007

Dennis is W7QHO.  You will find a variety of AZ and CA hams 
about 10 AM (IIRC or near that time) on 7.293.  They are on 
each weekend.  Several from the Phoenix/Tucson area.  Some 
even get on 160 in the mornings.

Have fun and live it up.

73  Jim

> Welcome aboard Randy,
>    But you kinda newbies bug me. What is this crap, you 
> finding all these
> classic relics and think you can put them on the air!!!;>)
> I and others are envious of your find. Better that you get 
> it and use than a
> bandit hawking it on evilbay for outrageous $$$$.
>    I think Dennis Duvall is out your way. His call sign 
> escapes me now. A
> mind is a terrible thing when it is wasted! You should 
> find lots of local
> AMers here on this board and at www.amfone.net. I 
> certainly hope you know
> what you are getting into. This stuff is like a drug;>)
> Mod-U-Lator,
> Mike(y)

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