[AMRadio] Re: [MOPAGROUP] RE: Gentlemen,

Bry Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Mon Mar 26 18:13:45 EST 2007

> Winlink is a growing problem . It is effectively 'commercial' operation in
> that the operation is exclusive to those who buy the pactor-loaded modem
> from 
> the originating suppliers..  It encourages swathes of sailing people ( I
> do 
> not blame them ) to do the minimum to get a 'licence' to obtain e-mail by
> radio.Their interest in ham radio is no greater than mine is in gardening
> when 
> I walk through the park. 
> From a 'commercial' viewpoint the German devisers of the system are
> clever, 
> but it should be recognised as commercial use of amateur band-space which
> is 
> to be deplored in my view.

VERY well put, Brian, and the analogies are excellent...

We just need to get the word out to radio amateurs, but I regretfully
believe that too many of us just have no clue about the values 
that have been held for so long in the amateur radio service.


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