[AMRadio] RCA Console

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Mon Mar 26 19:07:32 EST 2007

Thanks Bill for the information.  My BT was a typo and should have been BTA,
sorry, I got trigger happy.

That is very interesting about the history of broadcasting.  I guess I am
asking more about the BTA 1R2.  Several of it's functions are wired in such
a way to allow for remote operation.  Not everything, but enough to make it
reasonably easy.  On/Off, power level, crystal, etc. are all included.  I am
just wondering if RCA or another manufacturer made a console capable of
handling the options already built in to the BTA series?


By BA series you must mean the BTA- for AM transmitters and BTF- for FM
transmitters.  Consoles were identified...

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