W4AWM at aol.com W4AWM at aol.com
Wed Mar 28 09:41:07 EST 2007

Hi Ed,

You are correct and I noticed that after I posted.  In the Viking II, there 
is an additional fuse in the primary circuit which is mounted in a holder on 
the chassis.  Not so in the Ranger where the fuses are in that infamous fused 
plug.  My original
V II came with the fused plug and the internal fuse.  The only possible 
reason I can see for this was to protect the antenna relay socket regardless of 
which way the line cord was plugged into the wall outlet.  Seems like the 
engineers would have just put the hot side of the socket on the other side of the 
fuse and one problem would have been solved.

Thanks for your comments,


John,  W4AWM

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