[AMRadio] More electricity

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Wed Mar 28 18:32:00 EST 2007

Nope, you're sure not.  My Radio Electronics instructor tired of people
fiddling with things on his desk in the lab and set a charged can capacitor
on it.  It wasn't long before we heard the yelp and then the laughter from
Mr. Cannon!  No!  It wasn't me.  Of course, that was the early 60's, you'd
get sued for such fun nowadays!


  When I was in High School Voc.Tech. in the late 60's we used to charge up
a good axial H.V. electrolytic with the leads wrapped around the ends and
say .... catch, to an unspecting classmate. 
  We also did the,... hold on to two can lytics with the cans connected to
the cap tester, a big CDE, and see how high the leakage test voltage would
get before letting go.

 Betcha I'm not the only one with these type memories ;)


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