[AMRadio] Timer Motor

Mike Sawyer w3slk at hughes.net
Fri Mar 30 19:53:14 EST 2007

    Most of the time with the Synchron motors it is the drive and not the 
motor. Dust dirt get lodged in the gears and lock the motor up. Try removing 
the motor from the drive, usually held in place by 2 #4 screws. Once that is 
done, remove the back of the motor and apply power. You should see the 
armature begin to spin. Use a good degreasing agent or flood the drive with 
alcohol to remove the debris. Then re-assemble. If all goes well, your drive 
should work well until you need to do it again. If you have a number, I 
maybe able to cross it with some that are used on our Foxboro chart 
recorders at work.
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Does anyone know of a source for Synchron timer motors?  I'm in need of a
Model 610, 3 watt, 2 RPM with CW rotation.  Google found some 1 RPM as did
eBay, but no 2 RPM.

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