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> Does anyone know of a source for Synchron timer motors?  I'm in need of a
> Model 610, 3 watt, 2 RPM with CW rotation.  Google found some 1 RPM as did
> eBay, but no 2 RPM.
> Thanks,
> Rick

Hi Rick,

I've fixed two of the delay assemblies, one in a BC-10 and the other in a
XT-1A.  I had more trouble with the one-way clutch.  In both cases, cleaning
eventually did the trick, using WD-40, STP Silicon Spray, etc.

The Telechron motor movement is all gears inside.  If it is stalling, you
might try applying solvent around the opening for the gear, and if it runs,
let it run for a while to see if you can get the gears to mix up the goo.
In the extreme, (last chance) you can drill a very small hole in the case
(am not sure where, and don't let the drill penetrate the body of the
mechanism) and apply a small amount of light machine oil through the hole.

There should be hints on how to rescue the motor on the web.


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