[AMRadio] More electricity

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Sat Mar 31 00:40:52 EST 2007

> Nope, you're sure not.  My Radio Electronics instructor tired of people
> fiddling with things on his desk in the lab and set a charged can
> capacitor
> on it.  It wasn't long before we heard the yelp and then the laughter from
> Mr. Cannon!  No!  It wasn't me.  Of course, that was the early 60's, you'd
> get sued for such fun nowadays!

Reminds me of another incident when I was in high school.  Used to have a 
neighbourhood kid would come over to the house and pester me.  I had to 
tolerate him because his mother and my mother were good friends and 
co-workers.  He would fiddle with stuff on my workbench, and he loved to 
pick up my roll of solder and chew on the end of the wire.  I suppose lead 
poisoning takes a long time to show any noticeable effect.

It finally occurred to me a way to cure him of the problem.  One day when I 
saw him coming, I quietly substituted a roll of acid core solder for my 
normal roll of rosin core.  Sure enough, it wasn't long until he picked it 
up and put the end of the wire in his mouth.  I don't have to explain what 
happened next.  I told him that I had switched to a "new brand" of solder, 
and from now on it would always be like that because that brand worked much 
better than my "old" solder.

Needless to say,  he never chewed on my solder again.

Don k4kyv

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