[AMRadio] Timer Motor

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sat Mar 31 09:38:59 EST 2007

I haven't tackled the clutch issue yet, but I hope it won't be as
troublesome as getting the motor to run consistently.  The gearbox has an
existing oil hole, but so far that hasn't solved the intermittent problem.
I've dealt with these motors in the past and they seem to be very durable
and usually come around.  However, I may have met my match on this one.
You're right, there are some pretty good tips on the web, unfortunately,
I've tried them too with no success.  It may be time to replace it.  

Thanks a million for the advise.
Hi Rick,

I've fixed two of the delay assemblies, one in a BC-10 and the other in a
XT-1A.  I had more trouble with the one-way clutch.  In both cases, cleaning
eventually did the trick, using WD-40, STP Silicon Spray, etc.

The Telechron motor movement is all gears inside.  If it is stalling, you
might try applying solvent around the opening for the gear...


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