[AMRadio] More electricity

Jim Hill hro5-2 at cox.net
Sat Mar 31 19:13:37 EST 2007

Can't let this thread stop.............
My son had a friend who would connect IC' s to 110V at their 
electronics class, The IC's would break open and fire would shoot 
out.   A few years later the friend visited my son and they decided 
to go to the class and say hello to the instructor.  He gave them a 
horrified look and  started to quickly thumb though the attendance 
records. He was quite relieved when his friend said they were just 
back for a visit, and were not taking the class again.

I had a Tesla coil that used 4 810's in parallel as the oscillator 
and was powered with a 2 kV power supply.  I had plenty of trouble 
with the primary arcing to the secondary, which caught the insulation 
on fire.  It was necessary to turn it off and blow out the fire. I 
finally solved it by using a gallon glass apple juice jug,  wrapping 
a string soaked with gasoline around each end and setting the string 
on fire.  After a number of tries, I had a glass cylinder, which I 
put between the primary and secondary. I took it to high school, set 
it up in the physics lab. and turned it on.  An arc jumped to the 
wood window frame, catching the wood on fire.  We turned off the 
coil, blew out the fire, cleaned the frame, and discovered a nail 
under the paint.  Fortunately, the faculty didn't notice the 
damage.  Later the instructor came by and asked if anybody could be 
shocked.  I said you had to be careful, and discharged the 4ufF 
filter cap with a screwdriver, which sounded like a pistol shot.  At 
his request, I took it home later that day.

My son worked as an assistant in the computer lab, helping students 
with their problems.  A big, husky kid couldn't get the computer 
working ok, and my son pointed out that the student needed to put the 
5 1/4 floppy in the drive first. The student tried, missed the slot, 
and the floppy was wadded up like a piece of newspaper.

73's Jim w6ivw

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