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Sun May 13 10:46:53 EDT 2007

on the other modes as well) are generally a very 'nice'
group and quite friendly/welcoming to new 'voices', and
if Mr. Haynie choses not to communicate with these folks
then the loss is his!  If he is going to try and use
the ARRL to promote his personal likes and dislikes,
then he should NOT have the position he does.

The small ammount of spectrum that the majority of AM
operators use per allocation is minute when compared
with what the other modes take up, so I don't see this
as a technological argument.  AAMOF, if something were
to NEED to be done, it should be to designate a certain
small portion at the edges of each band for *JUST* AM
operation.  I think we 'AMers' have the ability and the
common courtesy to be able to share same within the con-
fines of 'gentlemans agreements'.

The name Haynie reminds me of the shyster on the classic
TV program Green Acres and Petticoat Junction.  Did this
guy mention any of this intent when he was lobbying for
the position he now holds ???  I'll be he did NOT, and
HAD he done so - would never have gotten the position.

That's my $.02 worth...

Thank you -n- 73,

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