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Sun May 13 10:46:53 EDT 2007

The FCC is seeking comments on four Amateur Radio rule making petitions
filed recently and put on public notice this week. Comments are due by
February 7, 2002, in petitions seeking to legally separate wideband and
narrowband modes on 160 meters...

A proposal from veteran Top Band operators and contesters Bill Tippett,
W4ZV, and Jeff Briggs, K1ZM, asks the FCC to subdivide 160 meters into
mode-specific subbands. The petition, submitted to the FCC last September,
has been designated as RM-10352. Tippett and Briggs contend that the ARRL
band plan for 160 meters--modified last year after lengthy consideration by
the ad hoc ARRL 160-Meter Band Plan Committee on which both men sat--does
not go far enough and is unenforceable. They want the FCC to prohibit SSB,
AM and other wideband modes below 1.843 MHz--something the revised ARRL band
plan <>
already recommends.

A copy of Briggs' book, DXing on the Edge--The Thrill of 160 Meters,
accompanied their 18-page petition to the FCC. The book is published by ARRL
<>. Tippett and Briggs made it clear that
while the topic of their petition did arise during the ARRL committee's
deliberations, their petition is an independent effort with no connection to
the committee or the ARRL.

Interested parties may comment... via the FCC's Electronic Comment Filing 


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