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400's? Instead of a pair of those Class C... Concider using a a single
4-1000A Class C modulated with a pair of 4-400's Class AB1 at about 2500
Volts ("low" power, 1KW). I use 304TLs AB1 with my 4X1 rig because I had
them. However... I think that a pair of 4-400's Class C modulated by a pair
of 4-400's AB1 would be ideal. Common tubes can be a plus these days, and
two 4-400's are lower price than a single 4X1. Well, If you can get the 4X1
final in there... go for it and use the 4-400's for the mudulator. BTW, I
think the 4X1 may have less plate interelectrode capacity than the 4-400
pair if your concidering TEN meters AM (tank circuit concideration).
George KC

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On Tuesday, March 19, 2002 12:53 PM, John Coleman wrote:

> I can't really understand why any one would want to run a pair of
> 4-400s as  finals in class C.
> Maybe Class B or AB but not Class C.
> I think they would make a much better AB modulator for a single
> 833.

Why do you say that, John?  Many 1KW BC rigs used 4-400 pairs for the
class C stage.

Just curious what your reasoning is.

Ed,  VA3ES

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