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Sun May 13 10:46:53 EDT 2007

My 30k-1 was not, I don't think the 32v3's are.
My 813 rig is not.

I don't think its needed with tetrodes.

I did add it to the 30k-1 as an experiment, and it seemed
to do nothing at all, at least on the lower bands.

Then collins went nuts on the kwm2a and neutralized everything!

Its quite normal to have peak power slightly off from
resonance with un neutralized rigs.

With my 811 push pull rig, everything acts like
it should when the neutralization is correct.
Peak power output is at dip, and the grid current
is at max (I think).

With the non neutralized rigs, grid current does not
peak or dip at max power out or resonance...
This will effect cathode current more than plate
current on the meter, as cathode current measures
grid current along with screen current (in tetrodes).
One of the reasons I like to meter everything separately
and simultaneously.


> Hi Guys...
> Got a problem with a Collins 32v1... seems the maximum power 
> out occurs
> at a place away from the 'current dip'...  (just off of dip...)
> I'm measuring power out via a resistive dummy load and RF ampmeter
> in-line...
> Is this a neutraization problem or what???
> Thanks in advance
> 73
> Vince
> ka1iic
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