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Sun May 13 10:46:53 EDT 2007

* ARRL technical relations manager participates in FCC workshop: ARRL
Technical Relations Manager Paul Rinaldo, W4RI, was a panelist August 5 at 
the first of four public workshops held by the FCC's Spectrum Policy Task 
Force. Other amateurs also took part. Co-chairing the session were Richard 
Engelman, N4COP, of the FCC, and David Weinreich, WA2VUJ, of Globalstar.  In 
addition to Rinaldo, panelists included C.K. Toh of TRW; Ulrich Rohde, 
KA2WEU, of Synergy Microwave; S. Merrill Weiss, K2MW, of Merrill Weiss 
Group; Charles Trimble of the US GPS Industry Council; Steve Gillig of 
Motorola; and Stephen Blust, W4SMB, of Cingular Wireless. "The panelists 
were invited to give their views on spectrum efficiency, how it should be 
defined, how to improve it, and what FCC rule or policy should be changed to 
improve spectrum efficiency," Rinaldo said. "There were several themes of 
value to the Amateur Services: some kind of receiver immunity 
standards--particularly for consumer devices, global harmonization of
frequency bands and the need for some standards to facilitate sharing in 
certain bands." According to Rinaldo, Rohde recommended that the FCC use the 
Amateur Service more for experimentation and work with the ARRL and the ARRL 
Lab. Rinaldo pointed out that ARRL has "a continuing dialog on interference 
matters" with the FCC and has successfully cooperated with the Commission in 
enforcement issues. More information on the FCC Spectrum Policy Task Force 
workshops is available on the FCC Web site

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