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Sun May 13 10:46:53 EDT 2007

the 6J5 (which mine had)... the audio was on the weak side with the
original tube...

I'm sorry to say I can't be of more help, I do have a diagram of my NC183
but I wouldn't do much good for anybody...  Mine was rebuilt by a Bell
Labs engineer named Yut Seul Yee in the 60's, it was used as a lab IF
strip for VHF and UHF experiments...  It has 717's in the dual RF and a
12AU7 for a product Detector...  and then there are the mods I did...
Oh yeah...  it has 2 5881's for the audio output... :-)


On Mon, 7 Oct 2002, Tommye & Jim Wilhite wrote:

> John, you and Vince raise interesting questions.  The NC 183 D that I
> own has the D on the cabinet and uses 6BA6s for the first two RF
> stages and the IF stages then uses 6BE6s for the oscillator and mixer.
> It completely matches the manual except for the phase inverter.
> Upon careful inspection I cannot see that it has been modified from
> the 6J5 to the 6SN7.  It uses a 6SJ7 for the first audio which
> according to the manual is correct.  Serial number is 372 1029 and not
> being familar with the serial number sequence, don't know if that is
> early or not.  Any other ideas?
> 73  Jim
> de W5JO

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