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Tue May 1 15:23:38 EDT 2007

Either SSB or AM can be real cheap or real expensive, depending on your preference and situation.

 SSB can be real cheap - I've seen HW-100's with P/S for like $100 at hamfests; and Swans & Drakes for under $200..  Or you can go spend $3000-$4000 on a complete mint S-Line & 30S-1. Or a whole bunch more on the latest & greatest rice box.

AM can be real cheap - Have seen Heath AM mobile twins complete with AC P/S for like $100. Or to go upscale,  HQ-129X  & DX-100 - like $150 apiece. Or you can go spend $3000-$4000 on a mint 75A-4 & Johnson 500 combo, or spend $20,000 on a KW-1.

But the point is, whatever we spend, a lot or a little, SSB or AM, it is pretty much peanuts in the overall scheme of things. Ham radio is an extremely LOW COST hobby. Look at how much we spend a year on housing, utilities, cars, gasoline, food, insurance,cable TV, wife's trips to beauty parlor, etc., etc. Spending a few or several hundred $$ a year on ham radio is a rounding error; a fraction of a percent of what we spend on everything else. And cheaper than golf clubs & greens fees, or skis & lift tickets.


Ernie, k0occ 
Atlanta, GA

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From: "Rick Brashear" <rickbras at airmail.net> 

> Interesting thought. "...is AM cheaper than SSB?.. Let's see, I have some 
> ssb equipment that I paid a considerable amount for. However, if I were to 
> tally up the odds and ends, parts and pieces I have for AM I would say , 
> "no", AM is not by any means cheaper or less expensive than ssb. One table 
> top transceiver and one legal limit amplifier can cover the entire amateur 
> spectrum, but it would take a room full of "real radios" to do the same 
> thing and that ain't cheap! The way I see it, this is a great hobby and 
> when we stop treating it as such and become concerned with the cost of 
> things then we are spending too much money on it. I personally spend what I 
> can afford and that's not much. If I had gazillio ns I would spend much more 
> on my "hobby" and on other things that matter. It's all relative. I don't 
> think a comparison between the richest man I the world and a poor old stiff 
> like me is quite fair. Kind of like comparing apples to cow dung! 
> Whew... That was a mouthful... No offense intended to anyone, these are 
> just my personal thoughts. 
> Rick 
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