[AMRadio] WAS:Spy radio - Swapmeet and Auction Ethics

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Tue May 1 19:09:45 EDT 2007

I did not particularly choose your response to single you 
out Bry. I am responding to about three other comments so 
please don't feel as if I have chosen you.

I have, over the years, been the recipient of many things 
that were given to me.  If I don't use what is given to me, 
I give to others if they have a need.  If I have something 
that someone else needs that I have paid money to purchase, 
I sell it to someone who will use it, at the same price, not 
sell it at an inflated price.  I see this as a hobby and 
only want enough money to support my "habit".  I am 
currently trying to sell an HT 44 for the trade price I 
agreed to accept, not an inflated value.

One thing I have noticed is that you and Don Mertz are 
reasonable with your asking price.  Because of that, I have 
purchased parts from both of you.  One particular purchase 
from Don was memorable.  He requested that I send the amount 
he wanted to the Spectrum Defense Fund sponsored by the ARRL 
rather than accept the money.  By the same token you have 
furnished parts to me at reasonable prices with fair 
shipping costs.  In return I sent you some FT 243 crystal 
holders that I did not need so you could furnish, at nominal 
costs, crystals to guys who use them.

I don't hold anything against people who make a profit in 
ham radio, but I do not do business with them either buying 
or selling.  And I have passed up some pieces that I wanted 
because of that.  By the way, if anyone wants an HT 44 with 
the PS 120-150 in good condition, send me an email off list. 
I will sell it to you for what I paid.


>I totally agree with you John - I quite often sell things 
>to guys
> for a price I know will move it fast. If they turn around 
> and
> sell it for more, what do I care?  It happens all the 
> time!
> If I bought something for $20 amd sell it for $50 and the
> buyer then sells it for $100, WHY should I grumble?
>> On Tue, 1 May 2007, Jim Wilhite wrote:
>> > In the past couple of years I have refused to sell 
>> > stuff to guys like this,
>> > and there seems to be plenty of them.  When they offer 
>> > much less than I want,
>> > I tell them it is as easy to take home as it is to 
>> > carry the money.  If they
>> > want it, the price marked is what they will pay. 
>> > People who buy for
>> > themselves are a different story.  I will dicker with 
>> > them.

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