[AMRadio] WAS:Spy radio - Swapmeet and Auction Ethics

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Tue May 1 20:29:21 EDT 2007

Much to my detriment, I also do the same thing, and
sell things for what I paid for them most times, or
very little more.

I once got some old tube short wave receivers, fixed them up,
and gave them away to people.

I even paid shipping.

Today, on Ebay, I could likely get loads of cash, but
I feel better being nice rather then rich...


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> I did not particularly choose your response to single you 
> out Bry. I am responding to about three other comments so 
> please don't feel as if I have chosen you.
> I have, over the years, been the recipient of many things 
> that were given to me.  If I don't use what is given to me, 
> I give to others if they have a need.  If I have something 
> that someone else needs that I have paid money to purchase, 
> I sell it to someone who will use it, at the same price, not 
> sell it at an inflated price.  I see this as a hobby and 
> only want enough money to support my "habit".  I am 
> currently trying to sell an HT 44 for the trade price I 
> agreed to accept, not an inflated value.
> One thing I have noticed is that you and Don Mertz are 
> reasonable with your asking price.  Because of that, I have 
> purchased parts from both of you.  One particular purchase 
> from Don was memorable.  He requested that I send the amount 
> he wanted to the Spectrum Defense Fund sponsored by the ARRL 
> rather than accept the money.  By the same token you have 
> furnished parts to me at reasonable prices with fair 
> shipping costs.  In return I sent you some FT 243 crystal 
> holders that I did not need so you could furnish, at nominal 
> costs, crystals to guys who use them.
> I don't hold anything against people who make a profit in 
> ham radio, but I do not do business with them either buying 
> or selling.  And I have passed up some pieces that I wanted 
> because of that.  By the way, if anyone wants an HT 44 with 
> the PS 120-150 in good condition, send me an email off list. 
> I will sell it to you for what I paid.
> Jim/W5JO
> >I totally agree with you John - I quite often sell things 
> >to guys
> > for a price I know will move it fast. If they turn around 
> > and
> > sell it for more, what do I care?  It happens all the 
> > time!
> >
> > If I bought something for $20 amd sell it for $50 and the
> > buyer then sells it for $100, WHY should I grumble?
> >
> >> On Tue, 1 May 2007, Jim Wilhite wrote:
> >>
> >> > In the past couple of years I have refused to sell 
> >> > stuff to guys like this,
> >> > and there seems to be plenty of them.  When they offer 
> >> > much less than I want,
> >> > I tell them it is as easy to take home as it is to 
> >> > carry the money.  If they
> >> > want it, the price marked is what they will pay. 
> >> > People who buy for
> >> > themselves are a different story.  I will dicker with 
> >> > them.
> > 
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