[AMRadio] WAS:Spy radio - Swapmeet and Auction Ethics

Thomas Adams quixote2 at ix.netcom.com
Tue May 1 22:49:07 EDT 2007

At 09:53 PM 5/1/2007 EDT, you wrote:
>  I don't know if this fellow works any of the moidwest fests or not, what
>he buys, though, he keeps so I am pretty sure it is not the same guy.

That's discouraging...  it sounds like it's probably NOT the same guy. I was
hoping this obnoxious clown was unique.

>  A week later, it was you know where with a reserve 3 times what he paid
>for it.

Yep, Hickok tube testers are HOT right now among the "triode audio" crowd.

I've got a model 539C, THE Hickok that's the Gold Standard among these folks.
Just for the sheer deviltry of it, I've been tempted to bring it to a Fest...
no price tag on it, just sitting there... and listen to the idiots try to low
ball me on it! "Oh, it's not in great shape, so I'll give ya $35.00"...  when
I've seen really ratty ones go for $500 - $700 on EBAY!

After the lowball try... I'll just tell 'em "I bought it out here this morning
because I needed a tube tester. Gave some guy ten bucks... it's not for sale"!

Just to rub it in a mite...   ;o)

> I am afraid the next time someone does that to me, he is going to be in
>for a tounge lashing if not more. I am going to have to find my Wouff Hong
>and Rhetty Snitch~

Lately I've taken a slightly different tack. I wear my Biker's leathers,
and colors! Along with that I'm 6' 0", and weigh 245 pounds. Besides that I
have a reputation at Fests for being a bit of a surley son of a bitch, and
Black hams aren't at all common up here to begin with!!!  

That combination, I think, makes a LOT of folks decide that discretion is the
best policy when I'm negotiating on a hunk of gear!  <<grin>>  I've YET to 
have anyone butt into negotiations since I started wearing the biker stuff!!!

> 73,
>  W4AWM


Mr. T., W9LBB

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