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For Sale: Vacuum Tube Books and References. All prices
plus media mailing. 


Eastman, Austin V.,  Fundamentals of Vacuum Tubes, 2nd
ed., McGraw-Hill, 1941. $22

Johnson, Ralph E., Getting The Most Out of Your Image
Orthicon, RCA Tube Dept., 1953. $6

F. Langford-Smith, RCA Radiotron Designer’s Handbook
4th ed., 1952. Ultimate tube enthusiast bible. $79

Reich, Herbert,  Theory and Application of Electron
Tubes 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill, 	1944. $20

Rider, John, Inside The Vacuum Tube, Rider, 	1945. $22

Rider, John, The Cathode Ray Tube At Work. $9

Stokes, John, 70 Years Of Radio Tubes And Valves,
Vestal Press, 1982. Incredible. $24

Tomer, Robert, Getting The Most Out Of Vacuum Tubes,
Sams Hardback, 1960. $14

Tyne, Gerald F., Saga Of The Vacuum Tube, 	H. W. Sams,
1977. Awesome History. $24


Amperex Data and Application Notes Type 5894/AX-9903,
undated, 26 pages. $9

Eimac Amateur Service Newsletters by Wm. I Orr, 1969.
250 photocopy pages. Fabulous. $35

Eimac Catalogue Summary, 1951, like a brochure. Nice
and useful. $11

Eimac Tube Catalog. $55. This is mostly complete from
1955. Set up for 3-ring binder. Contains:Index,  Price
List, Distributor List, Field Engineer List, Tube
Replacement Chart, “Class C Amplifier Calculations
With The Aid of Constant-Current Characteristics”, 
Vacuum Tube Ratings Explained: Guide To Eimac Tube
Data Sheets, Pictorial Page Showing All Eimac Tubes,
and Data Sheets for
				4-65A			4-152A		4E27A/5-125B		
				4PR60A		4X150A	4X150D
				4X150G		4W20,000A	4-250A
				4-400A			4X500A	4-1000A
				3X3000A1		2C39		2C39A
				3C24			25T		35T
				35TG			75TH, 75TL	100TH, 100TL
				152TH, 152TL		250TH, 250TL	304TH, 304TL
				450TH, 450TL		750TL		1000T		
				1500T			2000T		3X2500A3	
				3X2500F3		3X12500A3
				Vacuum Capacitors	Variable Vacuum Capacitors		
				866, 866A		8020		
HR Heat Dissipating Connectors
Preformed Contact Finger Stock
				HV-1 Diffusion Pump

Eimac Reference Literature, 1948   1954, by K6BJ, John
Reinartz  Most of these are short (4 6 pages) and hand
typed. With original, signed K6BJ QSL card! $99
The set includes:
   The Tuna Fish Can RF Bridge Voltmeter
   Screen and Grid Modulation of Eimac Tetrodes
   The Reduction of Harmonic Power Output in Amateur
   A Carrier level and Modulation Indicating Meter
   Pi Network Shortcuts
   A Capacity Antenna For Vertical Heights Less than
1/4 Wavelength
   Coupling Circuits Between Stages and To Antenna
   Simple Tube Calculations
   Class B Linear Short-Cuts
   Tetrode Neutralization Considerations
   Untitled (but the subject is audio transformer
   Conversion Factors For Power Amplifier Triodes and
   Increased Audio Without Splatter
   A Further Explanation of the Paper "Increased Audio
Without Splatter"
   Application Bulletin #4: Class C Amplifier
Calculations. Color 4 page 
    brochure. The Eimac 450TL is used as an example.
   Application Bulletin #5: Tube Performance Computor
(sic). Color 4 page 
    brochure with translucent vinyl insert overlay to
be used "with constant 
    current curves to obtain plate, grid and screen
current values; also 
    output and driving power." 1952
   Line Loss Multiplier Graph (K6BJ)
16pp, 1947

Eimac Care & Feeding of Power Tetrodes, 1951,
excellent booklet. $11

Eimac Single Sideband, 1958, 3rd printing. $11

Eimac Power Grid Tubes, Catalog and general info,
1984, 140+  page paperback in good condition. $18

CBS VR Tube Manual	 CBS-Hytron	1957, June. $5

General Electric Tube Reference literature set. $19.
Receiving Types, Important Characteristics & Ratings,
1948, December.
Essential Characteristics of Vacuum Tubes,  1961.
Industrial, Receiving & Communication Tubes 1960 ???
GL-807 Description & Rating Sheet
GE Power Tubes Interchangeability List 1956

Hytronic Hytron 1938 Data Sheet Set including: Hytron
866 Jr., Hytron HY51A/HY51B Data Sheet, Hytron HY60
Data Sheet, Hytron HY57 Data Sheet, Hytron HY25 Data
Sheet, Hytron HY61 Data Sheet. $10

Middleton, H.A., Receiving Tube Substitution Guide
Book, First Supplement, Rider	1953. $8

National Union Radio, Radio Tube Handbook	, 1941. $5

NAVSHIPS 900,035, Catalogue Of Electron Tube Types
Used by The US Navy, Navy Bureau
of Ships 1945. $5

Raytheon Characteristic Data Chart 1940, January. $6

RCA/Cunningham Tube Engineering Bulletin Set covers
1929-1935. Includes: CX-345, CX-324, UX-201A, WD-11,
CX-340, CX-350, 6C6, 6D6, 76, 1C6, 806, 807, 808, 809,
811, 956, VR-150/VR-105, & Wall Chart. $34

RCA HB-3, Volumes 1-6 in 3 binders	1950 - 1960. $65

RCA Transmitting Tubes TT-4, excellent condition 1956.

RCA Transmitting Tubes TT-5, excellent condition 1962.

RCA Air-Cooled Transmitting Tubes 1938. $10

RCA/de Forest	 Air-Cooled Transmitting Types Bulletin
464, 1934, and Air-Cooled Transmitting Types
Supplement to 464. $22

RCA Cunningham Radiotron Manual RC-12 w/Wall Chart
1934. $16

RCA Guide For Transmitting Tubes 1941. $23

RCA Ham Guide: Transmitting Tubes and Circuits 1940.

RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-13 1939. $14

RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-15	1947. $14

RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-21 1961. $12

RCA Receiving Tube Manual RC-23 1964. $12

RCA 5UP1,5UP7,5UP11 Oscillograph Tubes, Data Sheet
1946. $4

RCA Receiving Tubes, Characteristics & Socket
Connections 1948, January. $9

RCA Receiving Tubes, Characteristics, Socket
Connections 1946. $10

RCA Power and Gas Tubes For Radio And Industry 1946.

RCA Standardizing Notices (Photocopy) for 201A, 10,
50, 245, VT-52 and 2A3, 1930. Copies. $11

RCA Reference Book (tubes, batteries, parts, test eq),
pocket size 1953. $5

Sams, Howard	 Tube Substitution Handbook, 	Bobbs, 
1974. $7

Sylvania Tube Literature Set. $19. Includes:
Sylvania, Characteristics of Sylvania Receiving Tubes,
1960 ???
Sylvania, Industrial Tubes, Sylvania, 1958, March.
Sylvania, Radio Tubes Technical Manual (in binder),
maybe 1947.

TAB Books, Popular Tube/Transistor Substitution Guide,
1970. $7

Taylor Tubes, Catalog & Reference Manual, 1939. $14

Taylor Tubes, Catalog & Reference Manual, 1940. $14

Tung Sol Electron Tube Characteristics 1950. $9
	Tung Sol “Want Book” promo Pad

Westinghouse, Easy Guide for Industrial & Special
Purpose Tubes, 1959, November. $5

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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