[AMRadio] Swapmeet and Auction Ethics

D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Wed May 2 21:30:07 EDT 2007

> Ohhh!  Fridays at Dayton with a Vendor pass!  Gotta love it...

A technique I have used at Dayton, when I had a hamfest ticket but no vendor 
pass, was to conspire with a trusted friend who had rented a fleamarket 
space.  The vendor pass is nothing but a regular hamfest ticket with a 
special "fleamarket" stamp.  Once the vendor is inside the fenced-in area of 
the flea market, we would agree to meet somewhere at the fence and the 
vendor would let me borrow his pass, by slipping it to me through the fence 
wire, or we would temporarily swap tickets.  I would enter at the gate and 
show the security guard the valid fleamarket pass, and he would let me 
through.  Then I would return the vendor pass to its owner, and remain free 
to roam the fleamarket before it officially opened.  I have to say that over 
the years I have managed to acquire some priceless "goodies" that way.

Don, k4kyv 

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