[AMRadio] A little known USPS fact

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....and for that USPS insurance, you pay 3 times more than UPS or FedEx 
USPS, both, charges too much to cover the claims, and, have  way too many 
But, you say, they don't pay most claims?   Well that's simple, they have 
bureaucrats involved that must be paid for handling those claims.

Its a government blessed scam. Government is the penalty for having 
civilization. The choice of retreating back to caves, is not a reality; and 
for most of us, becoming an activist to change such matters of postal 
insurance is not a reality either. (No morals implied).

Gene, WB6SZS

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I'm sure everybody purchases insurance or delivery
confirmation when you ship by USPS.  But just in case
you don't, for that little item going across town,
when USPS loses it, its gone forever.  USPS, unlike
everybody else, has no way to track any package or
letter unless you get the insurance or delivery
confirmation, at extra cost, albeit not much in most
cases.  If they do lose it without the above, you fill
out a bunch of paper work, and wait a month or two,
they might just find it, but usually they dont.
What's really neat is when you get this plastic bag
with a mangled, grease covered item in it, where the
post office sent it back saying it got caught in the
machinery, "so sorry".

W4MEC, Charlie in NC

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