[AMRadio] Gates BC-1T

Robert Nickels W9RAN at oneradio.net
Sun May 6 12:42:10 EDT 2007

This thread reminds me of the article that appeared in the local 
newspaper this week, explaining that the local AM radio station's 
absence from the airwaves was only temporary, due to a transmitter 
problem that "couldn't be fixed because parts for the transmitter are no 
longer available".    It's a 5 KW rig, and while no details were given, 
the inference was that a "big item" failed, which leads me to suspect 
power supply iron.  But geez, what kind of BC engineer couldn't hooble 
up a pole pig replacement (borrowed from the electric company) in a 
couple of hours, like I remember a CE doing back in the 60's? 

Instead, a new transmitter will be installed, capable of all the modern 
digital noisemakers... bah!     I'd think it would be worthwhile to 
salvage the 5KW rig for parts,  not much use as-is.

73, Bob W9RAN

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