[AMRadio] Gates BC-1T

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Sun May 6 13:39:57 EDT 2007

Some of these new CE's like the sandstate stuff. They can be lazy and swap
modules if it fails. The local AM station used that excuse.
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> This thread reminds me of the article that appeared in the local
> newspaper this week, explaining that the local AM radio station's
> absence from the airwaves was only temporary, due to a transmitter
> problem that "couldn't be fixed because parts for the transmitter are no
> longer available".    It's a 5 KW rig, and while no details were given,
> the inference was that a "big item" failed, which leads me to suspect
> power supply iron.  But geez, what kind of BC engineer couldn't hooble
> up a pole pig replacement (borrowed from the electric company) in a
> couple of hours, like I remember a CE doing back in the 60's?
> Instead, a new transmitter will be installed, capable of all the modern
> digital noisemakers... bah!     I'd think it would be worthwhile to
> salvage the 5KW rig for parts,  not much use as-is.
> 73, Bob W9RAN
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