[AMRadio] Hy-Tower

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sun May 6 16:56:51 EDT 2007

It seems this was discussed a while back, but I need some updated info.  Has
anyone used a Hy-Gain Hy-Tower vertical on 160 meter AM?  I have tried every
way in the world to come up with some kind of wire for 160, but I simply
don't have the room.  I have a Hy-Tower vertical that is still in the crate
and I really need to get it up.  I have the optional 160 meter coil, but
according to the manual it is not supposed to be used with more than 150
watt carrier (300 PEP) or it will arc.  I'm wondering if anyone has any
experience with this and if there is something that can be done to increase
the power handling capability?  My lack of a decent antenna is my main
reason for not being able to get on the air with most of you guys.  I am
using a Butternut 40/80 vertical with the 160 meter coil option and I can
run 375 watts of carrier without any fireworks. However, I can only talk to
a very small portion of the stations I can hear (on any band) in the area or
anywhere as far as that goes.  Any help or advice on the HY-Tower would sure
be appreciated.


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