[AMRadio] Hy-Tower

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sun May 6 17:23:39 EDT 2007

Thanks Jim,

The manual states when using the optional 160 meter coil not to exceed 150
watts output power or 300 watts pep.  With the MK-160 modification, which
requires over 100 feet of horizontal wire attached to the top it will then
handle 1500 pep watts.  Of course, it will handle legal limit on all other
bands it covers without modification.  I may try adding a few more radials
to the Butternut, but I really want to make use of the AV-HT-18 as I think
it would be a far superior antenna.  I wonder if your buddy in Mountain Home
is using the coil option or the 40 meter stub (MK-160) option?


There is no reason the Butternut won't work Rick, however it 
will be band narrow.  Put as many radials under it as 
possible and see what happens.  4 is very marginal, but will 
work, 8 is just a bit better, 16 is getting better, 32 is 
adequate and 64 is OK.

The Hytower is a good antenna too, but will need the 
radials, especially on 160, to work well.  I have a friend 
up in Mountain Home, AR that uses one on 160 with 16 radials 
through a Johnson 500 and I hear him fine....

According to the specs:
      AV-18HT Specifications
      Electrical Specifications
      Bands  10, 15, 20, 40, and 80 Meters (optional mod for 
160 Meters)
      Max Power  1500 Watts PEP...

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