[AMRadio] Hy-Tower

Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Sun May 6 17:39:36 EDT 2007

Cool!  That's basically what the MK-160 (not the coil) option does.  I think
the wire for the option is a little over 100 feet, but I might be able to go
split the wires due to space like you suggested.  I may have more questions
about the shunt feed and how you think it might affect the other bands.


On Behalf Of Bry Carling

If I wanted to use the Hy-Tower on 160m at 1500 w p.e.p.
there could be two alternative choices:

1) I would just leave off that coil and add a top section as a 
capacity hat to increase the effective length of the radiator to 
where it can reach 2 Mega-sickles. You could experiment with a 
horizontal wire or two run off the top horizontally if you have 
a little room. I would start with one 50 foot wire or two 25 foot wires.
Almost any angle would be fine.

2) You could easily shunt feed the tower. I have done that with a 
60 foot tall Rohn 25G Tower and it worked extremely well for me.
Towers and Florida weather don't mix well, so I don't do that kind 
of thing now! Just use a big variable cap to set up your shunt feed. 
I love that scheme. It would still give your antenna a very 
small footprint and let you run QRO.

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