[AMRadio] FS: Rare Radio Books and Best Radio Respair Books

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Mon May 7 19:49:10 EDT 2007

For Sale: Rare Radio Books and The Best Radio Repair

Rare Radio Books

Bouck, Zeh,  The Manual of Short Wave Radio Volume II,
National Company, 1932.
 Excellent condition. $33

Collins Radio Company,  SSB: Amateur Single Sideband,
Ham Radio Pub., 1977,
	Paperback. $36

DeSoto, Clinton, Two Hundred Meters And Down, ARRL,
1936. This is the original 1936 
	edition, not the blue-covered reprint. $44

Henneberry, William P., TMC SSB Handbook, Technical
Material Corporation, 1964.
Hardback. $42

Millen, James & R.S. Kruse, Below 10 Meters, The
Manual of Ultra-Short-Wave Radio,
National Company, 1932 or so. Excellent condition. $33

Rider, John & Uslan, Seymour, Encylcopedia on Cathode
Ray Oscilloscopes, 1st ed., 
Rider, 1950. Massive 4 inch thick, large format
Rosetta Stone of oscilloscope texts..
Excellent condition. $33

Rider, John & Uslan, Seymour	, Encylcopedia on Cathode
Ray Oscilloscopes, 2nd ed., 
Rider, 1959. Return of Massive. $33

The Best Radio Repair Books
oh yeah

Carr, Joseph, Old Time Radios, Restoration and Repair,
TAB, 1991. $12

Clifford, Martin, How To Use Your VOM, VTVM, &
Ocilloscope 1st ed., Tab Books,
1968. $9

Darr, Jack, How To Test Almost Everything Electronic,
Gernsback/TAB, 1968. $9

Douglas-Young,  John, Complete Guide To Reading
Schematics,Parker Publ., 1972. $9

Federal Telephone & Telegraph, The Radio Workbench,
Federal Tel. & Tel., 1923. $12

Frye, John, Radio Receiver Servicing, 2nd ed., Sams,
1961. $12

Ghirardi & Johnson, Radio & TV Receiver
Troubleshooting & Repair, Rinehart, 1959. $12

Ghirardi, Alfred A., Modern Radio Servicing, 1st ed.,
Murray Hill, 1935. $17

Ghirardi, Alfred A., Radio Physics Course, 2nd ed.,
Radio & Tech Pub., 1942. $15

Glass, Frank W., Owner Repair of Amateur Radio
Equipment, Frank Glass, 1978. $10

Goldberger, G. N., et al, Servicing By Signal
Substitution, Precision Ap. Co.,	1953. $5

Heath, G. Warren, Rapid Radio Repair, Gernsback
Library #78, Gernsback, 1959 . $14

Jaski, Tom, How To Get The Most Out Of Your VOM,
Gernsback #85, 1960. $9

Lenk, Handbook of Electronic Meters, 1969. $9

Lenk, John D., 	Servicing With Dip Meters, Sams, 1965.

Mandl, Matthew, Handbook of Electronic Testing,
Measurement & Troubleshooting,
Prentice-Hall, 1976. $9

Marcus, Abraham, Radio Servicing Theory and Practice,
Prentice-Hall, 1948. $24

Marcus and Levy, Practical Radio Servicing, 2nd ed., 
McGraw Hill, 1963. $24

Marcus and Levy, Elements of Radio Servicing, McGraw
Hill, 1947. $24

Marcus and Marcus, Elements of Radio, 2nd ed.,
Prentice-Hall, 1948. $12

Mark, David, How To Read Schematic Diagrams, Rider,
1957. $8

Marshall, Samuel L., Elements of Practical Radio
Mechanics, A Current Shop Manual,
1943, Philco Technical Institute. $12

Electronic Troubleshooting, A Self-Instructional
Programmed Manual, 275 pages, 
Prentice-Hall, 1966. $12

Pyle, Howard W7OE, 	Troubleshooting amateur Radio
Equipment, 1st ed., Sams, 
	1961. $10

Rider, John, Practical Radio Repairman’s Hints, Radio
Treatise, 1931. Very uncommon, 
	very early Rider book. $22
Rider, John, Automatic Frequency Control Systems. $9

Rider, John, Automatic Volume Control, Rider, 1936. $9

Rider, John, Inside The Vacuum Tube, Rider, 	1945. $20

Rider, John, Frequency Modulation. $9

Rider, John, The Oscillator at Work, 1940. $9

Rider, John, The Cathode Ray Tube At Work. $9

Rider, John, Servicing Superhetrodynes. $14

Rider, John, Alternating Currents in Radio Receivers.

Rider, John, Radio Troubleshooting Guidebook. $14

Rider, John, D-C Voltage Distribution In Radio
Receivers, Rider, 1936, $9

Rider, John, How To Use Meters, Rider, 1954. $9

Rider, John, Resonance and Alignment, Rider, 1936. $9

Rider, John, Service By Signal Tracing, Rider	, 1939.

Rider, John, Service Receivers By Resistance
Measurement, Rider, 1932. $14

Rider, John, Vacuum Tube VoltMeters, Rider, 1951. $8

Roth, Charles Jr., Use Of The Oscilloscope,
Prentice-Hall, 1970. $10

Samuel, Rhys, 	The VTVM, How To Use It, How It Works,
Gernsback, 1956. $10

Simpson Electric Co., 1001 Uses For The Simpson 260
VOM, original edition, 
Simpson, 1953. $12

Stephens, Arthur, 1001 Uses For The Simpson 260 VOM,
Simpson, 1965. $12

Tepper, Marvin, Basic Radio Repair, Vol. 2
(Transmitters), Rider, 1963. $20

Turner, Rufus P., How To Use Grid-Dip Oscillators,
Rider, 1960. $12

Van Erk, Rien, Oscilloscope, Functional Operation &
Measuring Examples,
McGraw-Hill, 1978. $9

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT

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