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D. Chester k4kyv at charter.net
Tue May 8 13:40:00 EDT 2007

>I doubt it Jim.  Since there is little or no AM activity in the
>"window", they have nothing to talk/gripe and complain about.  If you
>ever just sit and listen to those guys on 3892, Bernie, Kenny, and the
>rest, all they seem to have for subject material is "those lousy
>AM'ers",  They commonly will ID with for example, "...this is K8RXW
>and AM is trash".  He's one guy I'd love to meet up with at a hamfest
>one of these days....

>Brian / wa5am

That butt-hole has been around since I first heard him in 1970.  He used to 
be part of a group that called themselves "alligators" that would meet on 
3895.  They were very blatant about deliberately jamming anyone who came 
near "their" frequency.  They would just come on top of the QSO and start 
talking, and openly admit that they were "quarming".  I recall one guy 
several times coming on top of my QSO, calling "CQ DX" and calling "KZ5AC", 
in the middle of the afternoon on 75.  He remarked that "those AM'ers are so 
wide they are splattering all the way to 20m, so I just decided to join them 
and see if I could work any DX over the top of them".

One Saturday afternoon I set a trap for them, so I have been on their faeces 
list for many years.  This was back when the FCC monitoring stations were 
manned with real people.  They popped on top of me one time, and I called up 
a local ham and also the FCC monitoring station in Powder Springs.  The 
local ham came on the air on SSB and attempted to talk to me, but he was 
skipping over and the QRM was much stronger.  So my friend called them on 
SSB and remarked that he had been trying to call me, but that it appeared to 
him that they deliberately jamming my the frequency, and wanted to know what 
was going on.  One of  the group members (not RXW) came back with "You're 
damn straight I was QRM'ing K4KYV, and went into a long anti-AM tirade. 
Little did they know that Powder Springs was monitoring the frequency with 
tapes rolling, and recorded the whole episode.

The individual got a citation letter from the FCC for deliberate 
interference.  What was funny, he tried to get the rest of the group to send 
letters to the FCC to vouch for his "character", to convince them that he 
was a victim of deliberate QRM, not a perpetrator.  None of the rest of the 
group would do it.  They just laughed and told him he had got himself into 
the situation, and that he would have to get himself out.  I once heard him 
remark that he was researching to see if assault and battery was an 
extraditable offence to WVA where he lived.

I recall another night the whole group was identifying using made-up CB 
callsigns.  "KYV2437 this is KYV1846", etc.  I wish I had made a recording. 
Eventually more of them got citations, and one of their ringleaders moved to 
Texas, so the original group split up.  Some of them are probably SK now. 
Some of the activity on '92 is a remnant of that group.

Don k4kyv


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