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Tue May 8 14:02:17 EDT 2007

On 5/8/07, D. Chester <k4kyv at charter.net> wrote:
> That butt-hole has been around since I first heard him in 1970.  He used to
> be part of a group that called themselves "alligators" that would meet on
> 3895.  They were very blatant about deliberately jamming anyone who came
> near "their" frequency.  They would just come on top of the QSO and start
> talking, and openly admit that they were "quarming".  I recall one guy
> several times coming on top of my QSO, calling "CQ DX" and calling "KZ5AC",
> in the middle of the afternoon on 75.  He remarked that "those AM'ers are so
> wide they are splattering all the way to 20m, so I just decided to join them
> and see if I could work any DX over the top of them".


K8RXW (Kenny) really showed his colors one night about two months ago
and came down on 3890 and kept on telling us to move, calling us
names, well, you can just imagine.  I had enough of it and told him
that if he didn't quit talking over others in our QSO that I would
just move up to 92 and do the same thing to him on SSB.  Well, things
escalated, and Win/W5WM and myself did exactly that.  I turned my
Henry 3K export on full bore and moved to 92 SSB and so did Win.  I
actually tried to reason with them for a while, but they pretended not
to hear me, but it was obvious they did since they couldn't even hear
each other.  Win became a little more involved and stayed around for
an hour or so ;)  They called him everything in the book, including
making fun of his last name, which is Polish, calling him
"pollock"<sp?>, and a slew of other things.

They are like a bunch of children who have nothing more to talk about
than AM operators.  If they hear a carrier, they always say that's an


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