[AMRadio] 3.878 & 3.892

Geoff/W5OMR ars.w5omr at gmail.com
Tue May 8 16:00:25 EDT 2007

Jim Wilhite wrote:
>>> I wonder if the guy who moved to Texas is one who started the 3.875 
>>> group with whom our West Coast
>>> brethern have trouble?
>> The West Coasters are having trouble with the local SSB group (which, 
>> btw, has nothing but respect for the 5-land AM'ers) that operate on 
>> 3.870Mc.  3.875 is 'yet another' group of malcontents that are 3kc 
>> from the 4-land SSB malcontents, on 3.878Mc
> Geoff is the group to which you refer the SSB group in Texas or the AM 
> group on the West Coast? :>)

Your comprehension skills need a work-over, Jim ;-)

The local SSB group on 3.870 has nothing but respect for 5-land AM'ers.  
It's those that knowingly occupy a frequency that's already in use that 
raises the hackles (and rightly so) of the people who were on that 
frequency first.

Now, there are nights when the Left coast is rolling through here and 
the local guys get on .70 anyway and complain.  That night, the local 
ssb'ers on 70 are in the wrong.  Other nights when the local 3870 
ssb'ers are already on, and the Left Coast AM'ers come on, -knowing- 
that the 3.870 SSB guys are -already- on the frequency, are -then- in 
the wrong.

NO ONE owns -any- frequency.  Why someone can't -move-, in todays time 
with synthesised PLL VFO/VXO's and an additional 250kc in which to 
operate, is beyond me.


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