[AMRadio] Re: 18.150 ?

ne1s ne1s at neandertech.com
Wed May 9 13:07:49 EDT 2007

VJB writes:
> I would like to cut a dipole for 18.150 and see what
> kind of AM activity we could stir up. The band is
> lightly loaded most of the time, so there's room for
> the occasional chat. 
> Anyone else thought of that ? 

A few years back I tried loading up the PDM rig on 18 MHz. It's been on 15M 
and 20M successfully, and the grid and plate tank components are 
continuously variable, so why not? Well, it didn't like it one bit. I 
suspected a resonance near 18MHz in the plate choke, but didn't verify it. 

Fortunately the only damage was melted plastic insulation on the HV lead to 
the plate choke. 

But I have other rigs that I can try there. 


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