[AMRadio] #4 wire from mains? - they gotta be kidding

A.R.S. - W5AMI ars.w5ami at gmail.com
Wed May 9 18:59:04 EDT 2007

I've been reading the Gates BC-1T manual and found two instances where
they state that #4 wire should be used.  One says:

 "3) ...provide #4 or larger primary wiring from entrance box to transmitter".

The other is about carrier shift at 100% modulation:

 "9) Carrier shift: 3% or less between 0 and 100% modulation provided
wire size in point 3 (above) is followed..".

They have got to be kidding!  Of course I know this is assuming
possibly 24/7 commercial operation at the full KW, but still, #4 wire
for a 1000 watt tx, PEP of 4000 watts w/100% modulation?

What the heck am I missing here?  My 200 amp mains (as the wire runs)
to my shack junction box will be about 24 feet max, and then from the
shack panel to the Gates will be no more than 12 feet.  I plan to run
#6 to the shack junction box from the 200 amp main, and then
appropriate size to certain outlets in the shack.  I will likely use
#8 from the shack box through the wall to a 220 outlet for my Henry 3K
Classic-X, and #6 to the Gates on separate circuits, but will NEVER
have both of them going at the same time anyway.

I suspect I will not use a wall outlet for the Gates and simply route
the #6 wires directly to the primary terminals in the Gates, and use
the panel breaker for emergency shutoff.

Actually, for this short distance, mains to shack to rigs, I could
probably get by with #8 so long as I don't run multiple KW rigs at one
time ;)

Brian / wa5am

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